“On behalf of our congregation, we want to welcome you to be a part of the life of Fayetteville ARP Church.”


We believe you will find us to be a warm, welcoming, and down to earth group of people you’ll enjoy being around.

You may be wondering what to expect at Fayetteville ARP. First, there is no dress code here.  Please dress however you are comfortable.  You’ll find some folks in coats, ties, and dresses, and you’ll see others in jeans and T-shirts.  Both are equally valued. As soon as you enter our parking lot, we encourage you to drive around to the rear of our facilities where you will find a parking space reserved just for you.  If you’ll enter the door closest to you it will lead you into a small foyer where we’d like to shake your hand and introduce ourselves to you.

The foyer leads directly into our beautiful sanctuary, where we hope you feel comfortable sitting wherever you like.  Don’t worry about taking “someone’s seat”; we don’t get hung up on that type of thing. We want you to feel at home.

Our worship service is traditional but passionate.  We believe the Lord has graced his church with a rich heritage of hymns and psalms, and we celebrate that heritage though choir specials and congregational singing. We believe the elements of praise, adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and petition are essential to worship of the living God, so you’ll be encouraged to participate in these.  However, you will never be singled out or embarrassed in any way.  We’ll offer you a bulletin that will help guide you through these elements, as well as inform you of upcoming church life events.  You’re also encouraged to pick up a newsletter, The Steeple, which will give you a broader overview of our range of ministries and growth opportunities.

We hope you’ll see that our congregation values children.  We encourage their participation in the worship service.  We provide children’s church with age-appropriate instruction and guidance for younger children who may need it.  But you know your children best.  So the choice is yours whether to keep your children with you in worship.  Please rest assured their presence will always be regarded as a joy and never as a distraction. There is also a children’s message (sermonette) during the worship service that applies the day’s scripture focus to the lives of young ones.

We emphasize biblical preaching that takes the original meaning of God’s Word seriously and helps you see its continuing relevance to our lives. Sermons are bathed in prayer and aimed both to the head and the heart.  Our sermons encourage thinking Christianly about all of life, with gospel-centered application to 21st century faithful living.

I encourage your questions, and would love to speak with you. We believe we are to be used of God to make and mature loving followers of Jesus Christ, and we invite you to join us in this exciting mission!


We invite you enjoy the worship of our Lord in our church service, or through any of the organizations and events described in the information on our website.