• 13 September 2020

    Topic: Matthew

    Jesus first heals a multitude of people in our passage of Scripture. He then miraculously feeds a great crowd of more than 4000 people with only a handful of ingredients. Through this great miracle, which is distinct and separate from the feeding of the 5000, Jesus demonstrates God’s love for peoples from every tribe and nation and language. He also demonstrates God’s ability to feed and care for His people, no matter where they are or what they are facing in this age. May that give us great courage as we seek to worship and serve God.

  • 6 September 2020

    Topic: Matthew

    As Jesus continues to teach His disciples more about the Kingdom, Jesus heals a Canaanite woman in this passage from Matthew. He does so at least partially to challenge their prejudices and Jewish sensibilities. Through this healing, Matthew further demonstrates that God’s mission of the Kingdom is one that will be for the blessing of all nations. It also forces the readers and hearers to reckon with their own biases. We must be rooted and grounded in the Gospel of Jesus more than anything else.

  • 30 August 2020

    Topic: Matthew

    After healing a great deal of people in the region of Gennesaret, Jesus is once again confronted by the Jewish religious leaders. They accuse his disciples of disobeying the “tradition of the elders”. This technical term represented all of the teaching from Israel’s rabbis throughout history. However, it was not the Law itself, and should not be treated as the Law. Jesus explains that only the pure in heart can actually keep God’s Law–a category that He alone can fulfill. In order to be righteous and to have any hope at obeying God’s commands, we must look to Jesus.

  • 16 August 2020

    Topic: Matthew

    Matthew gives an account of one of Jesus’ most famous miracles in at the end of Matthew 14. Most people understand that the miracle is Jesus’ walking on water. However, the more profound truth from this passage is that Jesus is always faithful to save us, even when we don’t deserve it. Peter takes his eyes off of Jesus and begins to sink, but Jesus immediately saves him. What an incredible Savior!

  • 2 August 2020

    Topic: Matthew

    The history of John the Baptist’s beheading is gruesome and disturbing. It clearly demonstrates the depths of our human sin and depravity. However, it also demonstrates the lovingkindness of the God of the bible. Matthew tells us that John would not die in vain, nor would he be left dead in the grave without a head. Indeed, Jesus clearly demonstrates the promise of the resurrection in this passage–the resurrection that will restore John’s body to life, along with all of those who follow and trust in the Lord Jesus. May this be your hope today!

  • 26 July 2020

    Topic: Matthew

    In these last verses of Matthew 13, Jesus warns His followers that He will be rejected. The passage also serves as a solemn warning that Jesus’ followers will also be rejected. Thankfully, in Christ and through the Gospel, our Savior endured rejection so that believers might ultimately be accepted by God. May this bring encouragement to all those who trust in Jesus!

  • 21 July 2020

    Peter tells us in this passage that we (believers in Jesus) are a chosen people of God, His treasured possession. But God is also quick to make clear that we are not chosen on the basis of who we are. Instead, as Deuteronomy 7 also makes clear, God chooses us because of His own great love and perfect plan to save His people. Because of the LORD’s goodness to the elect in Jesus Christ, God even makes the redeemed to be His holy tabernacle, His dwelling place. And He will be with the redeemed and dwell with them/in them for all of eternity. What great good news!

  • 12 July 2020

    Topic: Matthew

    Jesus brings His third teaching discourse to a close with a few parables that explain more about the Kingdom of God. We see in these verses that the Kingdom of Heaven is of utmost importance and supreme value. Beyond this, if we are equipped with the Kingdom of God (and really, God Himself) as our treasure, then there is nothing that we will lack in this life. And we will be able to bring out of that treasure whatever we may need in order to bless others.

  • 5 July 2020

    Topic: Matthew

    Jesus continues to explain what the Kingdom of Heaven is like in these next two parables. The parable of the mustard seed helps us to see that God’s Kingdom is mightier than all others. It starts in smallness, but it will grow into a Kingdom that encompasses the entire universe. The parable of the leaven teaches us that God’s Kingdom will continue to work and spread silently, even sometimes without visible effect. But when Christ returns, the Kingdom will have permeated all things, and anything unleavened by God’s grace will be cast out.

  • 28 June 2020

    Topic: Matthew

    Matthew continues to record Jesus’ parables in chapter 13. The second major parable in this teaching discourse of Jesus’ is The Parable of the Weeds. In this parable, Jesus explains that the Kingdom of God/Heaven is like the planting of a field that has good seed, as well as weeds, sown into it. Wisely and patiently, God instructs His workers not to uproot the weeds until the time of harvest at the end of the age. So great is His love for His people that He even suffers evil in the world so that His people can ultimately be saved.

  • 21 June 2020

    Topic: Matthew

    We look at Matthew 13 in this sermon, specifically at The Parable of the Sower (and its explanation). In these verses, Jesus gives a marvelous depiction of what the Kingdom of Heaven does as God’s Word is sown throughout the world. The Word of God will not return to the Father without fulfilling the purpose for which He sent it: to glorify His name in and through the person and work of Jesus, His Son. May the Spirit cause this work to bear fruit in each of your lives today!

  • 14 June 2020

    Topic: Matthew

    Matthew 13 begins Jesus’ third major teaching discourse in the Gospel account. Verses 10 through 17 give us an explanation from Jesus Himself as to why He taught in parables. His extension of both the grace of God and the judgment of God in the parables fulfills the prophecy from Isaiah 6. Through it all, we see that Jesus is ultimately the embodiment of the Kingdom of God/Heaven, and through Him we gain access into that Kingdom.

  • 7 June 2020

    Topic: Matthew

    Matthew, chapter 12, ends one of the longer narrative sections in this Gospel account. Jesus interacts here both with his disciples and with his own family. He explains, with striking force, that no one has a privilege or right before God, unless it is granted to them by Jesus (John 1:12-13). Jesus explains clearly that those who do his Father’s will are the ones who belong to the family and household of God.

  • 31 May 2020

    Topic: James

    As we continue in James 1, pastor James highlights the importance of a life built on the wisdom of God. The greatest barrier to living a wise life is simply not asking God for wisdom. Beyond this, we see that the wisdom that God gives us must be acted upon. It must be lived out by the power of Jesus Christ.

  • 24 May 2020

    Topic: James

    What do you do when times are tough? Have you considered that God is testing your faith? Ultimately, God wants His people to be able to find joy even in the most difficult of situations. As we take up our cross to follow the Lord Jesus, may God continue to make us more and more like His Son, our Savior.

  • 17 May 2020

    Psalm 23 represents an incredible testimony that the God of the Bible is a deeply relational God. He is not only Creator and Sustainer of all things; He is the Shepherd of His people. This psalm teaches us that God is a Savior of His people; He is the Security of His people; and He is the Shelter for His people.

  • 10 May 2020

    In this last verse of 1 Corinthians 15, Paul concludes the great chapter on the Resurrection by encouraging the Corinthians to remain steadfast in the Lord Jesus. No matter what this life brings, even death itself, there is always reason to hope in the Lord. He can and He will conquer sin and death and hell.

  • 3 May 2020

    Paul focuses on the second coming of Jesus at the last day in this passage. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, all of creation will be transformed. Those who are united to Christ will be raised imperishable and clothed with a glorious body like Jesus’ resurrected body. What a great and glorious hope this gives to the believer.