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To be used by God to make and mature loving followers of Jesus Christ.

Biblical -- We believe that God’s Word is the only perfect rule for faith and how to live.

Reformed -- We trace our spiritual lineage back to the 16th century and the Protestant Reformation with the recovery of the biblical doctrines of grace. Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone for the glory of God alone.

Historic -- In this community, we have served since 1907, seeking to be salt and light to anyone and everyone that God brings to Fayetteville, TN.

Philip Bunch


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The Lord’s Day Service:  10:55 am


Philip Bunch
Lead Pastor
Joe Stevenson
Director of Music Ministries

Our Latest Sermons

  • 10 January 2021

    Preacher: Rev. Philip Bunch

    Book: Matthew

    Matthew 19 transitions to Jesus’ final phase of ministry as He begins His journey toward Jerusalem and the cross. It is fitting, then, that He begins this difficult road by discussing God’s desire for faithfulness in families and in homes. The picture of the Gospel in these verses is not one of husbands and wives who fulfill marriage perfectly. Instead, the glory of God is on display as He demonstrates His never-failing-faithfulness, even in the midst of our unfaithfulness.

  • 27 December 2020

    Isaiah 65 records one of the most beautiful promises in all of Scripture: the coming Kingdom of God in all of its fullness. God through Isaiah reveals to us the beauty and majesty of a new Creation, a new City, and a new Civilization. All of eternity, for the Christian, will be spent in perfect communion with God, enjoying all of His wondrous new Creation. Let everyone come to Christ the King while there is yet time!

  • 20 December 2020

    Isaiah records four “Servant Songs” in his prophecy. The last, and arguably the most famous, gives the portrayal of God’s servant as one who will suffer on behalf of others. Importantly, we see this prophecy fulfilled in the Lord Jesus, very God of very God, who came and suffered and died for His people. But even more than this, we see that Jesus triumphs over sin and death and hell, and so too shall all those who belong to Him (cf. John 12:37-41, 1 Peter 2:19-25).