...where sin meets grace

Here at Fayetteville ARP Church, we find great joy in our Historic and Reformed Presbyterian worship.  Though we have what some call a "more traditional" style of worship (historic reading and preaching of Scripture, singing psalms and hymns), we place a great premium on deep, personal relationships in the life of our church.  We are called to be disciples of Jesus, and we are called to make disciples of Jesus.  This only happens in relationship with Him and with one another.  


Sunday School -- 9:45am 

Public Worship -- 10:55am

Come and join us and see what we are all about!

Where Do I Park?

Drive around to the back of the church (East side, away from the highway) and park in the spaces marked 'Visitor' closest to the white double doors.  We have deacons who would love to welcome you and your family each Sunday.  Even if it isn't your first Sunday, park in these visitor spots, so we can extend our best hospitality to you.  

What Do I Wear?

Entering into the presence of Almighty God is a fearsome and wonderful thing.  We strive to honor God with our best.  That being said, you will find folks comfortable in all sorts of clothing from suits to jeans and blazers.  Come as you are, but be prepared to be changed by the grace of our great God!

What About My Kids?

We love our children.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to be in public worship.  Like learning a new language, we believe that children learn best by immersion.  We do know the natural pressures and challenges facing parents of young children.  To that end, we also provide a nursery for both our Sunday School hour and worship service.